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Our Gasoline Products and Benefits

Have you ever thought about what a quality gasoline can do for your vehicle? Probably not – and you shouldn’t have to. That’s our job. Gasolines blended for today's engines are required to:

  •  Provide energy for power

  •  Form a combustible mixture

  •  Ignite readily

  •  Burn smoothly

  •  Minimize harmful emissions

  •  Protect the fuel delivery system

And whenever you fill up at one of our service stations, you can feel confident that our gasolines will do everything they should do for your vehicle. We have developed three quality gasolines that will perform to the high standards you’ve come to expect.

Mobil Regular Unleaded – Our most popular gasoline has an octane level of 87 and is blended with a detergency package that helps keep your vehicle’s fuel injectors and intake valves clean when used regularly.

Mobil Special Unleaded – With an octane level of 89, this gasoline was developed to meet the needs of drivers like you with cars that could benefit from using a gasoline with higher octane.

Mobil Super+ Unleaded – Formulated to meet the demands of today's engines, it generally has an octane level of 93, but is blended with an octane level of 91 on the West Coast and in some other geographic locations.  You can find out what octane your vehicle's engine needs by checking your owner's manual.

If you are a commercial or industrial customer, our line-up of gasolines will provide the quality and performance to meet your demands.

 You can be sure our gasolines meet all applicable regulatory standards. And we go the extra mile by testing them at key points along the way to the service station so the gas you put in your vehicle will work unfailingly.

Committed to Excellence
Providing you and your vehicle with a high-quality fuel takes more than technical leadership. Quality must first be designed into the fuel. After that, the fuel must be refined and blended properly, and then must be guarded against contamination as it moves through the distribution system. To ensure your driving satisfaction, we have stringent quality control procedures to protect our fuels at every step of the process.

You can fill up your vehicle with confidence, knowing that we are also one of the few oil companies in the U.S. that maintains an active research organization dedicated to keeping the gasoline that goes into your vehicle in step with the latest vehicle testing technology. We’re always on the lookout for anything that might give our gasolines an extra “edge” for you.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of gasoline for your vehicle. If you have a problem with your vehicle that is related to the quality of our products, we invite you to call our Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-243-9966. Even if you want to ask a question or share a comment about our products or services, feel free to give us a call